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Welcome to Alpha Benchmark Ventures. We’re a group of passionate dreamers & hard-working professionals who want to make a difference to our society by eliminating three universal pain points. AB Ventures has been carefully designed with a lot of thought and over 55 years of combined experience to change how three fundamental problems faced by individuals, startups & corporates can be solved - Compliance Services, Accounting Services & Fund Raising. We’ve spent months planning and designing our solution to make a BENCHMARK for legal services, accounting services and raising funds - and now it’s open for you all to explore it's unlimited possibilities. We help you focus on what you are best at - Innovation and Growth, while we take care of what we are best at - Compliance, Accounts & Fund Raising.


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Find Advisors / Mentors

We provide real and immersive mentorship to assist with key moments of growth & accelerator program.

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Business Ratings

Scores and ratings can help Business owners to utilize the scores to improve their work credibility.

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Raise Funds

Diversify your investment portfolio with access to highly accurate and personalised deal flow in business.

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Company Valuation

Start-up Businesses need to have a valuation report prepared for the sale of business or change ownership.

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Legal Services

To Set up your own business you need research plan come up with strategies to form a good & effective team.

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Accounting Services

To help you grow as a tax & accounting professional, businesses you need an accountant and market value of services.

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We have All Major Departments to Serve Clients



We excel your business dreams with all services required for setting up your business. Make smart, confident and superb business decisions with our expert guidance. Allow start-ups to get their business plans reviewed by our experts as well as connect to mentors.

Results of Business Plan

Alpha Benchmark provide result oriented report can be generated with one click and are a clear, easy and creative way to deal your communication value.

Strategic Business Plan

Execute business strategy depends on genuine tactics, result-oriented choices with strong expectation of results. To shape your business with technology.

Advice Business Plan

Get Advice on the business model competitive, risk analyses, marketing plan and a discussion of the skills possessed by the team of management.

Analyze Business

We analysis business on adjustable industry & geographic variables. Our strategy based on the most used valuation practices recognised by valuators

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